Ben gibbard dating jenny lewis

Two former child-stars from Los Angeles, they both gave up lucrative acting careers in order to start a band. Beautiful as they are, after a while, when you're touring, these cities start to look the same." Sennett and Lewis have expressed a desire to be interviewed separately for fear that they might start bickering.Soon after forming Rilo Kiley, alongside the drummer Jason Boesel and bassist Pierre de Reeder, Sennett and Lewis became an item, only to split acrimoniously two years later. "We've been living on top of one another for too long, and we're both quite edgy at the moment," says Sennett.

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Meet Blake Sennett and Jenny Lewis, the singing and songwriting partnership behind the California quartet Rilo Kiley.

Their story is the stuff of Hollywood soap opera, one that takes in fame, disillusionment and a failed romance.

You might say that this one is, well, more grown-up." Lewis adds that More Adventurous is a more "focused" album than its predecessors.

"The instrumentation is a bit more clean, perhaps, and the songs are more lyrically diverse. I love pop music, and Blake and I have always written pop songs.

Elsewhere, on "The Absence of God", she reveals a tendency to sabotage new relationships: "And I say there's trouble when everything is fine/The need to destroy things creeps up on me every time." It's an intelligent and assured record, full of bitterly insightful lyrics that are as captivating as anything you'll hear this year.