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with the games at two-all in the third set, when a downpour inter- rupted play for a aaeoad time dur- ing the day. American cap- tain, was leadlnir Adrlann 7.a.pp«, Argentine team leader, G-2, 8-1.

k«t tha Ca Ufomlaa fadid to i 7g fta the floal rouad aad «nod tt In ' mss SOMERVHU umt m Efwuiic r Mm Vl'H. mmtm tt Mir ffm win of the MMMM at tta* n- pftwe ot the fp-Ialandan •( ! A nice knock of 41 br Toung Philip Nation helped the Wanderers to make their run* after a rather poor start Tlip local team had kwt four wic kt'ts for 30 runs, when Orati L anr! with at and Me Qualnton with 15, betau: top aeorers.

' Tliat materia 11 V aided fef * tgjhl tn X tha abort tenth, faoa Mn a tl4 for the lead with 1 aif. Onl tario's greatest oontrlbutlon to golf and the only Canadian to win th O amateur golf Utlef load ft United SUtes tnday arrived In Engli British chaniplon Ahlpa nie Ktandard of the game la im4 proving gradually in Canadal though we have few cnportttnltle| to gam championship aape r iewae,! "I have had IM^Uim weelw «l la U ttda |Mg.- ■ 14 THE DAILY COLONIST, VICr UKl A, B. MAY 28, 1933 CANADIAN SCOTTISH CAPTURES RIFLE TROPHY Wanderers^ A Ibions And Five Cs Take Knoc k Out Matches Hhm U-^ l akrs All I « n irkrt-' al Diiiiraii h'rvv- maii Aj;ain Slari^ in IMafch at Mount lolmie Percy I'uyue Ucptal A Hue Bowliug Feat Watching Sport of Kings at Willows Track la apl U of » fine bow line 'c*^ fevlf. r PMrtp T ■hairi, Ccmi- minm U U thm mnm A trnrn* of ll M i Mefc Mit Mri M. This advertisement is not pub- lished or displayed by the Liquor Control Board or by the Geivernnient of Britith Columbuk the Pi T* Ca alao advam rd to thr MMBi i MBd k MUnc Vi«t«ru In • Urn mmtm wm Mk-t A mmmn HIU. Tne Five O's battad ttrak and were illmitieeil for B-wr q f t»; Oomley.

Now voucau j Jiavc tnd kik Mr yttm Sue will both feel /i^ood and look good! Ferrrll In Form BOSTON, May 27 (AP).— Wea Perrell, Cleveland pitching ace, shut oul the Boston Red Sox today.

Here's the one shave cream for Quicks Cool, Smooth Shaves MLi N. Chicago 11 19 0 New York 18 7 1 Batteries — Lyc Mis aad Ofttbi; Brennan and Dickey.

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