Dating of rocks fossils and geologic events lab

Many creatures like humans and their livestock appear so seldom in the fossil record because they were able to avoid destruction the longest.

So the fossil record is missing many kinds of creatures, and the ordering we see in the geologic column is not related to long ages where various types of creatures dominated.

The problem is that you cannot simply look at a rock and tell what layer it belongs to. Layers vary in thickness, are frequently missing altogether, and many of the same minerals are found throughout many layers.

dating of rocks fossils and geologic events lab-53

This creationist expectation is borne out in the fossil record where 95% of fossils are bottom-dwelling marine invertebrates like clams.

Less than 5% are plants, and land-dwelling invertebrate insects make up less than a quarter of one percent.

The practice of using fossil beds to date these rock strata started in the 19th century as a way to more accurately date the layers worldwide.

( Evolutionists need to believe that life evolved slowly over millions of years, and that the record of all earth’s creatures is now preserved in the layers of rocks. If true, the oldest life forms would appear on the bottom of the column with successively younger things piled in the layers on top.

Instead they appear fully formed and distinct, in better agreement with the concept of “multiple, abrupt beginnings” (creation) than with the notion of “descent from a common ancestor” (evolution).

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