Dating russian site mail 2016

For example, a smart macho (hot babe) with a photo may turn out to be a pimply sloppy (unsympathetic plump in glasses).

Or the interlocutor after a long correspondence suddenly does not come to the long-awaited meeting in real life. For trustworthy intentions, a fraudster or a swindler may be hiding. To protect yourself from cyber criminals, it is enough to observe several rules: never disclose any financial or personal information (passport or bank card data); Be careful with the various links - they can be harmful, even if they are sent by your counterpart (besides, no one is insured from hacking the page); appoint the first date with an online friend in a crowded place, tell your relatives where you are going, and keep the phone handy; do not hesitate to report your suspicions to the technical support or site administration (when spam mailing or insulting messages appear).

In March 2012, Yuri Milner stepped down from the role of Chairman of and from the Board of Directors.

In late 2012, Group's plans for buying two-letter domain became known.

It is understood that Ukraine and Russia are the countries of the Third World. The low life expectancy in Russia is attributed to vodka, according to lots of serious studies.