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" You got Michael Jordan, you got Le Bron James and they can do all the cool things in the world but me its like why North Korea? We did not know it was going to take this type of negative spin,' Smith said, though at another point he said that 'you'd have to live under a rock not to know the press that was coming'. ‘I think that people thought that this was a joke, and Dennis Rodman is just doing this because fame and fortune.’ Instead, he said, he sees the game as a ‘birthday present’ for Kim and his country.‘Just to even have us here, it's an awesome feeling.

You can always scan through emails to see if any raise a red flag (for example,, as these websites typically send a welcome email and occasional updates.

Remember, there are clear legal restrictions on what you can and can't do when it comes to accessing or tracking someone's phone.

Not every country in the world is that bad, especially North Korea,’ Rodman told The Associated Press in an interview outside his Beijing hotel before his flight to North Korea.

Unfortunately, dating sites and apps allow people to have secret interactions and flirtations and, in some cases, entire relationships without the risk of their partners catching them in the act.

Make sure you're aware of them before you do anything that might get you into trouble with the law.