Dating without children

They look at their peers who are fathers with envy, wishing that they could have too had this role in life.

These men likely feel a grief similar to that experienced by women who were unable to become mothers despite their yearning to do so. I see a rapid change in our society that will hopefully spread across the world in time.

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Men in Hollywood who are dads are portrayed as somehow stronger and more mature. In the recent Academy Awards, there was talk of his role as a father of six.

Funny how few other celebrities' private lives were brought up that evening? Employers often prefer men who are dads, as they are viewed as more reliable and responsible employees than are guys who have no one to consider but themselves. If a man is married and has no children, the boss may anticipate that a little one is on the way.

This stereotype of the little boy in a man's body is even placed onto Hollywood actors.

Take George Clooney, for example; he's labeled as a playboy and perceived by many as immature and self-focused.

But men who do not become dads are still viewed with suspicion, and they often get a bad rap!