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Tell or instruct how the body of subhuman must be and what they should do. Place orders, rules, dares or tasks and demand answers and doings.

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I had toyed with the idea of messing around with another guy for some time, I had even talked to a few for a while but always backed out when it came time to meet up. He gave the impression that he had taken a long time to work up the nerve to contact another guy.

In his initial email he stated that he wanted to try giving another man a blow job and was asking me anonymously because he wanted to keep any contact a secret.

To stay within the theme they can be real family or vids that imply real family. Anything or anyone that doesn't respect the theme and other members will be booted with prejudice. Men are gods and their cocks everything which is in the female group members brain.

This is a place for sexy and intelligent discussion of vids and personal experiences. The only wish for the women in the group is to serve for pleasure and if wanted in the way that everybody can read or see it.

I couldn't help myself, I undid my belt and unzipped my pants.