Sodium is responsible for maintaining the fluid in our body, keeping it hydrated while helping muscles to relax.

Potassium also help to maintain proper fluid balance in our body and at the same time, it aids the storage of carbohydrates to (re)fuel the muscles.

The adult human body is around 50-65% water, and it needs fluid in order to function.


Advanced Humectants (Squalane & Sodium Hyaluronate) offer deep hydration and softening to skin.

Algae Extract leaves skin supple and firm, while enhancing antioxidant protection.

This is why banana is so popular with athletes or bodybuilders as it is a rich source of potassium. It goes without saying that the best source of coconut water is from fresh coconuts.

But you know what is an even better source of potassium? In Thailand and most tropical countries, you can get fresh coconut water everywhere and drink it right off the coconut.

If you have ever travelled or lived in Thailand, it is hard not to fall in love with the ubiquitous coconut water.