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Women still had an impact on the community, however, as the lives of these five women illustrate.

Thousands of fans--adults and children alike and including Helen Hayes, John Steinbeck, Katharine Hepburn, Marlon Brando, and Tallulah Bankhead--tuned in to see the clever, wise, gentle shows created by Burr In its early work in organizing Pullman porters and maids, the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters drew on the efforts of many of Chicago's social activists, such as Irene Mc Coy Gaines, Mary Mc Dowell, and Ida B. Another chapter in American political history was recorded in Chicago when the city hosted the 1996 Democratic National Convention in August.

The reason: the forced relocation of Japanese Americans from their West Coast homes to internment camps and then to inland areas.

No better example of baseball's sordid history exists than the story of the National League's origin, which, like the Doubleday myth, has been modified and rewritten to justify the interests of the present.

Before radio and television brought the games into every home, baseball attracted thousands of fans to ballparks around Chicago every summer weekend; the accounts of these contests shared equal billing in the city's newspapers with those of major league baseball teams.