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Did you know that South Africa is the adventure capital of the world?

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It is home to at least 3000 African penguins, the Foxy Beach boardwalk being an excellent viewpoint.

Your kids will enjoy getting up close and personal with the penguins (taking care not to disturb them unduly as they may bite).

The tour features an interesting interactive exhibit at the Nelson Mandela Gateway, where the tour ferry leaves. Website: za Franschhoek Motor Museum For lovers of vintage and modern cars the Franschhoek Motor Museum is definitely the place for you!

The trip, lasting roughly two hours, includes a drive around the island and a visit to the prison. It houses a fantastic collection of vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and fascinating memorabilia, ranging from an 1898 Beeston motor tricycle to a high performance 2003 Enzo Ferrari supercar.

This is truly a nature lover’s paradise, with its abundance of flora and fauna, including over 250 species of birds and buck and baboons a-plenty, not to mention, the view at the end of the Earth.