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Ne Ne admitted that she thought that Will could be an opportunist.

“Well of course men are never wrong when they get caught honey. ‘That was just a friend honey, you know you’re the one for me.’ You know they lay the charm on and, you know, I was looking at him side eyes.” In her own segment, Eva confirmed that she met Will and who seemed to be his girlfriend shortly before she received an invite from him to go on a boat ride with him, Cynthia, Kandi Burruss, and Todd Tucker.

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bishop jones..a joke...bishops do not hang out with hoes....gave him the itle of bishop man or god...i say man cause i never see any god in his life style....pulpit yea for that fleeting moment....that moment us all [quote comment="148031"]I SAW HER IN INTERMIX YESTERDAY WHICH HAPPENS TO BE ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE IVY AND I SAW THEM SNAPING PICTURES OF HER BUT I DIDN'T KNOW WHO SHE WAS. I HEAR SHE WILL BE THE STAR OF THE SHOW BUT I HAVE A NOTE FOR HER: BABY YOU GOTTA KEEP YOUR GAME TIGHT AT ALL TIMES!!! TO LOOK LIKE THAT AND HAVE A HORRIBLE WEAVE/WIG SHE GOTTA BE FUNNY OR OVERLY DRAMATIC. i sat near her and the bishop who happens to be very attractive.

she was at the ivy before he arrived and the hostess sat him next to her. they laughed alot and seem to be having fun alone with several other guest that were with them.

Does Cynthia Bailey’s good friend, Ne Ne Leakes, believe that Will Jones was dating another woman at the same time that he was dating Cynthia?

In an video posted on Bravo’s website on Sunday night, Ne Ne talked about Eva Marcille’s claim that he introduced a woman as his girlfriend to her at around the same time that he was dating Cynthia.

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