Only seeking american females to meet fuck

Not wanting to go younger than that, it's taken me awhile to find one (50 ) who can keep up with me.I see no reason why a woman of any age cannot enjoy sex, as long as they are healthy and able.

I know Too much information But too good not to share!!

I'm way-y-y-y- over 50, and my problem has been that younger men in their 40's and 50's who can no longer "perform" adequately in a "normal" fashion, respond to my ads thinking that an older woman can be satisfied with oral alone.

In addition, it helps if she has an understanding partner who is willing to give her a little time to adjust to the problems.

A lot of the problem can be alleviated with non-medicinal methods. I will tell you that I'm post-menopausal and I have absolutely NO problem with sex.

I believe sex is something that one contiues to learn well into their senior years.

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