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By the standards of the day, it sounds archaic, and many of her clients greet the announcement with slack-jawed disbelief. “I’m not God here, I can only introduce two people together. ” She leaves it hanging that having sex too soon kills the possibility of intimacy, and her anger is full bore. This is sacred.” Bigvand, the charming millionaire, is not spared, either. RELATED: How to Rebuild a Dating Culture , which just finished its eighth season, premiered this year to an audience of 1.5 million.

But Stanger is a ruthless enforcer, and clients who break her rules regularly experience what has come to be called “the wrath of Patti.” Take Zagros Bigvand, a Kurdish real-estate executive, and Teal Mc Kay, an aspiring model, who violated the rule after a handful of windswept dates. But if you break my rules, if you do things I tell you not to do . “You don’t even know this person, you don’t know this person, and you just gave him your vagina! “Zagros, for your information, women need to emotionally connect before they loosen up downstairs. Even Millennials, who have marinated in feminist dogma their entire lives, are tuning in: The show’s most-watched episode, which aired in late March, drew 2.2 million viewers, including 1.2 million in the coveted 18-to-49-year-old demographic.

These are the sorts of unwritten cultural norms that the feminist movement did away with and that, on her show, Stanger is trying to put back in place.

This might make her the most powerful messenger of conservative social values in popular culture, at least when it comes to sex and romance, although most social conservatives have probably never heard of her.

“Well, if the two people are subdued, they might as well be corpses in the ground,” Stanger says.

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