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So you have an unyielding desire for the most deliciously satisfying coffee on the planet?

Then join us in our passionate quest for coffee excellence! Because it’s about more than just getting a jolt or quenching thirst; it's about more than a sleek business plan or just making a profit.

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Love People, Love Coffee Marketing Assisant Favorite coffee bean: I am currently into the African coffees-Ethiopia and Kenya. What do you do away from the office: Long, romantic walks on the beach with my...legged daughter, Harper. It’s Florida, it’s HOT plus It refreshes and rejuvenates all at the same time. I always look for a way to tell our customers YES, regardless of the circumstances. Thompson, Kurt Vonnegut, Peter Thiel, and my Mother, Brother and Father Unknown fact: My father was born in Colombia and I lived there for 2 months before moving home to apply for a job at Buddy Brew! I volunteer with Southeastern Guide Dogs and the Suncoast Animal League.

Exploring, researching and kayaking with a camera in tow. Follow me: Instagram: @Phillip380 Kitchen Manager, The Shop Favorite coffee bean: Ethiopian Favorite brew method: Pour over Favorite expression: “Work smarter, not harder” Who inspires you? You never know who is watching you or what a stranger might be going through and sometimes just seeing a smile on your face can make their day better. Hidden talent: I am pretty good at soccer What do you do away from the office: I love to read, mainly classics, science fiction, fantasy, beat literature and anything by Hunter S. I love spending time with my two dogs and my girlfriend. My goal one day is to further Buddy Brew’s direct trade relationship with Colombian farmers so that we can support them more directly and therefore enrich their lives.

We start with sourcing the highest quality beans from the best farmers across the globe. It is, after all, an agriculture product, just like the produce you eat. We record roast dates on each bag so that you can enjoy your coffee at its best, at its peak flavor, within the first weeks of roasting. Our love for coffee, people and the pursuit of excellence runs as deep as our desire to make a difference in the world.

We follow that with the beautiful, messy craft of hand roasting, combining art and science, to bring out the full flavor of individual deliciousness in each batch. The opportunity to make an impact on someone’s day, on someone’s life, through the good we invest into every cup, is the driving force behind everything that we do.

Last, but not least my boyfriend inspires me everyday to be a better person!

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    Economic enablers for sex tourism Aside from the tasty mojitos and astounding music scene, one of Cuba's greatest lures to the male tourist is its booming sex tourism industry.

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    Open loss isn't gonna break Serena Williams and Drake -- they went extremely public with their relationship at her fashion show in NYC.

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    That said, if you have really specific requirements in mind (and in the online dating world, it pays to be picky) then a niche dating site can really serve you well. Whichever way you go, we’re happy to guide you through the unchartered territory of the online dating world.

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    (They’re also the same as what you’ll get from Samsung itself.) Trade-in: 0 to 0 off when you trade in an eligible phone.