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Keep in mind that : Piston Circuits are circuits featuring logic gates created with pistons that are in some cases smaller and more compact than traditional logic gates.

Some circuits, such as a 0.5 tick on and 0.5 tick off clock, need pistons.

To power devices at a distance, the power must be conducted from the active power source to the device; Redstone wire is used for this purpose.

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Rails updatedat not updating

Note that Redstone can't be placed on Ice, Glass, Pistons, Sticky Pistons, Leaves, TNT, Cake, Slabs, Stairs, Beds, Glowstone, and Wooden or Iron Doors.

Some blocks in Minecraft may be powered or unpowered.

Redstone wire which is adjacent to, on top of, or below a block that is strongly powered will become active.

It will not become active if that block is weakly powered.

Nevertheless, Redstone wire beneath this block will still be powered, because it is adjacent to the powered block above it.

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