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This includes your identity number, home and work address, job, relationship to that person (for example, friend, counsellor, or police), reason for making the application, and whether you have permission from the person for whom you are applying.

Part 3: The Respondent Information about the abuser (the respondent) including their identity number, home and work address, telephone numbers and job. If you do not know the addresses then you should give any information about where they can be found, such as clubs or friends they might visit often. Part 4: Others Affected Details of any anyone else also affected by the domestic violence, how they are affected and whether any of them are disabled.

Part 5: Statement Of Abuses An affidavit (statement) from you with information about the acts of domestic violence by the abuser, including whether weapons or firearms were used, what injuries you had and whether you needed medical treatment.

Part 6: Any Information On How Urgent The Application Is For example, it may be urgent if you have reason to fear the abuser may act violently again soon, because they has obtained a weapon or recently threatened you or something has happened that you know will provoke them.

Having a protection order means having the power to have your abuser arrested as soon as they commit an act of abuse.