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Relieved that he’d decided to ask Ginny rather than be embarrassed by Cho turning him down, but upset that the girl of his dreams was going with his rival Hogwarts champion, and he would have to see them together all evening.

The procession of the champions, as well as their seating positions in the Great Hall, had evidently been the subject of delicate negotiations.

I don’t want you to break your word just for me.” Hermione relaxed again, and they sat together in silence for a while before she noticed Harry’s nervousness begin to return, and realized that he was once more stressing about his own predicament. “I suppose after you I know Lavender and Parvati the best. “I suppose I could; I at least know her a little.” He thought for a moment about what he knew about the youngest Weasley and then frowned. But I’m sure she’d still really like to go with you.” “I don’t know, I wouldn’t want to give her the idea I was interested in her,” he pointed out. “But I’ll set it up.” “Okay.” True to her word, Hermione arranged for Harry and Ginny to meet in an empty classroom the next afternoon.

“I promise I won’t tell anyone, or make fun of you.” He couldn’t for the life of him figure out who she would be acting this way about. “You told him you would go with him; don’t back out now. He paused, scratching his head while he considered her suggestion. You know, with the way she …” He trailed off, not wanting to have to mention the embarrassing crush the young girl had had on him. “You probably haven’t noticed, but she’s been acting pretty normal around you this year. If you think that’s best.” “You’d still have to ask her though,” she reminded him.

-ooo- Harry found Hermione alone in the common room the next morning. “Although you could have used a less odious example.” She smiled at the smirk he gave her and continued. As long as the girl he asked wouldn’t read anything into it. “I never thought it would be so hard to count to three! She was dressed in light green robes that clung to her petite figure, revealing slight curves that Harry had never noticed before.

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