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It takes Jupiter twelve years to cycle through the zodiac, so this extremely lucky transit will not occur again until 2030. Jupiter’s movement through your sign will amplify all areas of life, encouraging extremely positive growth and invigorating transformation.Since this transit occurs in your first house, which represents the outer self, your success will be recognized by the public. Once Jupiter finishes cruising through your own sign on November 8, it moves into Sagittarius, activating the area of your chart associated personal finances.

You use creativity to push your limits as far as they can go, experiment with various things that may or may not work, and you know all about the risks involved when conflict comes your way.

You are a true renegade, fighting for what you believe in and standing up for what's right.

Keep an eye out for this year’s Mars retrograde, which occurs from June 26 through August 27.

Mars retrogrades may lead to false starts, misguided judgment, and unforeseen slow-downs. Instead, take a break from world domination and relax by the pool with an icy cocktail.

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