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(6) A protocol to eliminate the use of restrictive procedures, if restrictive procedures are utilized, and to address the underlying causes of the behavior which led to the use of restrictive procedures including the following: (i) An assessment to determine the causes or antecedents of the behavior.

Clarification of the applicability of this chapter to private homes—statement of policy. (5) A protocol to address the social, emotional and environmental needs of the individual, if medication has been prescribed to treat symptoms of a diagnosed psychiatric illness.

(d) The program specialist shall sign and date the assessment. (f) The program specialist shall provide the assessment to the SC, as applicable, and plan team members at least 30 calendar days prior to an ISP meeting for the development, annual update and revision of the ISP under § § 2380.182, 2390.152, 6400.1.152 (relating to development, annual update and revision of the ISP). Code § 2380.182 (relating to development, annual update and revision of the ISP); 55 Pa.

(c) The assessment shall be based on assessment instruments, interviews, progress notes and observations. (14) The individual’s knowledge of water safety and ability to swim.

The provisions of this § 6400.174 amended through January 22, 1982, effective March 1, 1982, 12 Pa. 384; amended August 9, 1991, effective November 8, 1991, 21 Pa. Meals shall be served at tables seating 12 or fewer people with additional portions available, unless prohibited by individual needs. Immediately preceding text appears at serial page (133696).