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Seventeen caught up with Su Chin at a photo shoot for Uniquely Me!

, where she talked about the ways young girls can improve their self-image."Looking in a mirror and telling yourself to feel better doesn't work when you're a girl," she said, "but finding something that you love to do, something that makes you a better person like volunteering to help others, will definitely make a difference."Su Chin also invited several Girl Scouts to stop by the photo shoot and discuss the self-esteem issue with her!

I totally related to her insecurities, as I faced the exact same pressures from my own parents.

South Korea is often called the "plastic surgery capital of the world," and double eyelid surgery (Asian Blepharoplasty) is one of most common procedures.

Fast forward 11 years,and this Korean beauty has successfully transitioned into an established Hollywood actress, starring in films like "Big Hero 6" and "Sucker Punch." I'm sending nothing but love and good vibes your way, Jamie--Thanks for always keepin' it real!