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Ben and Justin get to work with the goal of relaunching Spark by September 1, 2000 with a new look and hundreds of new study guides. Justin scrambles to manage over 130 freelancers single-handedly.They both eat Bi Bim Bop from Café Avec-the local French-Korean place.Meanwhile Justin arrives back in New Jersey from a brief stint in Tokyo, Japan in May 1999.

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Justin asks Ben Florman, a standout Spark Note writer, to come in for an interview.

Ben shows up in a blue button-down shirt and gets the job.

Though they're sharing the house with four other roommates, the place becomes The Spark/Spark Notes' first office.

Justin is given the mandate to post 100 Spark Notes to the site by September 1, 1999.

The two features make The an attractive web property with millions of hits per week.