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NOTE: After the system is successfully authenticated an ID will be displayed on your prompt for your system. To unregister your system use unregister switch, which will remove the system’s entry from the subscription service and all subscriptions, and will deletes its identity and subscription certificates on local machine. To active it a subscription use the Subscription Pool ID, but be aware that when purchase one, it is valid for a specified period of time, so make sure you buy a new period of time before expiring.

Because this system is for tests, I only use the 30 Day Self-Supported RHEL free subscription.

Kpatch additionally requires that changed functions are not , meaning they are not referenced by any process’s call stack at the time of an update (which it checks after pausing all processes). The assumption is that the control state of the old and new kernel will be the same when no changed functions are active.

As such, delaying the update until this condition is satisfied means the control state of the running kernel is valid for the new code. Unfortunately, this assumption fails to account for the of prior execution of changed functions on the program’s data, even if the role of that data is the same between versions.

But after the update, the new version of function handle will execute, which will dereference the global variable and crash. That is, when performing a system call, the kernel either executes old code or new code, but not a mix of both.