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Being the sweet friend (and angel) that she is, she appealed to the other girls about how she wanted Brett to stay in until Steph was able to join them—which she thought was a possibility.The other girls—who had the power to decide which men stayed and went at the first rose ceremony—weren't keen to keep Brett around for the sake of Steph, especially since he hadn't made an effort to socialise with the other girls. "When it came to the rose ceremony, Tara decided to give her rose to Michael Turnbull, leaving Brett (and Davey Lloyd, but that's a whole other story) without a rose.It's not fair to other people."Steph's contract was "ripped up," according to Brett. And we still can't believe how invested we became, but that's the power this show has over us.

The 28-year-old personal trainer from Western Australia was at the centre of an 'are you single or are you not?

' investigation—if you could call it that—after fellow contestant Tara Pavlovic told the others that he was seeing her friend, Stephanie Boulton, who was also a contestant on Matty J's season of Brett had a few chances to come clean about the truth about his relationship status but he played the single card, including when host Osher Günsberg double-checked that everyone was single, and when others asked him about the "girl he was seeing on the outside."On Monday night's episode, Tara became visibly upset as the whole scandal exploded.

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Speaking to Now To Love last week, co-star Florence Alexandra revealed that they had both been invited to appear on the reality spin-off.