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But ask exactly where the line is and no one is certain. In college football, it's less out in the open but certainly there."I've been accused of being overly paranoid," Fitzgerald said.

Everyone is looking for an edge, and everyone is guarding against giving up theirs.

Pete Carroll may have oozed cool as the head coach of USC from 2001 to '09, but his former offensive coordinator Norm Chow admits that the two-time BCS championship winner was "unbelievable" when it came to his level of paranoia, believing everyone to be crooked.

"You know you're not going to make all this money for a long length of time unless your name is Nick Saban. You got people getting that first 4 or 5 million-dollar contract saying, 'I got to hang on to this puppy.'"Want to bring Nick Saban to a stop?

So you do whatever you can to protect yourself."There's an enormous amount of pressure now to win football games. Ask a question about a play in practice that he didn't really want you to see and then duck. "I'm doing everything I can not to say bad words in the holiday season," he said.

As a whole, they basically shrugged."My first response, to me, was no big deal," Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said.