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To be frank it was a bit hard to tell through that wall of sound, but normally by about half way through each song you could persuade yourself that they were all playing in the same key and same timing, and that the deep accompanying growl wasn’t a fractured speaker cabinet but rather Lemmy’s singing, if that’s the word to use.

And it was a mixed set, demonstrating that ‘new’ Motörhead can be just as invigorating as the ‘old’ – Lemmy it seems gets somewhat frustrated when their more recent work is disregarded.

It’s interesting to taste a very young Springbank old style, with little wood influence and ageing. Nose: light – not weak – in style, starting on a mix of diluted lemon juice, grains and smoke. Gets then rather flowery (lily of the valley) and even a little perfumy (vetiver, lemon balm) and finally quite mineral (wet stones), with also hints of plastic.

Not hugely expressive but quite clean and complex considering it’s only five years old.

He stands tall, boots, legs firmly apart, sleeves rolled up, bass slung low and bellows “We are Motörhead.